Fade to grey

Pimeys alkaa jo rajoittaa ulkona haahuilua ja syksyiseksi perinteeksi näemmä muodostuu innostus naaman maalaamisesta kun pitää keksiä lisää tekemistä kämpän seinien sisäpuolella.
Saattaa olla että uppouduin youtubeen liian pitkäksi aikaa selailemaan new romantics/blitz kids/club kids videoita ja sen näkee naamasta.  Ovela huomaa Visage otsikon. 


  I have noticed increased amount of foreign readers here, so I've decided to add a little translation.
 Even tho there's not much written words here, I'm pretty sure it's still nice to have at least some sort of idea whats going on.  


Daylight is getting limited and slowly reducing the time I spend roaming around, so it looks like every autumn I get excited about painting my face, since I need to figure out how to spend my time inside these walls. 
There might be a slight possibility I spend too much time in youtube watching videos about new romantics/blitz kids/club kids and you can see it in my face. Hence the Visage title. 


  1. gosh wow the make up is perfect
    just found you on lookbook and fell in love with your styles
    but you are so talented as a make up Artist

    with love your AMELY ROSE

  2. Someone on my ask.fm sent you a lookbook message and she wants your reply.